With nearly a decade of experience in digital design and image manipulation, I went on several creative endeavours, most notably designing official promotional material for Werkstattorchester Dresden e.V. and Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium Görlitz

Posters & Flyers

Every event needs to be advertised and every advertisement needs someone to create effective and eye-catching promotional material. In cooperation with different illustrators and by utilizing various styles, we lifted a number of ideas from the think tank and turned them into striking posters.

  • Werkstattorchester Dresden e.V. - Alte Welt | Neue Welt2019
  • Werkstattorchester Dresden e.V. - tea time2019
  • Werkstattorchester Dresden e.V. - Orff Beatz2018
  • Werkstattorchester Dresden e.V. - Romantischer wird's nicht2018
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - official school flyer2015
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - Halloweenbasar2014
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - Frühstücksbasar2014

Logos & Icons

In the current day and age, a good logo can speak more than a thousand words.

  • Vampir - in-app iconssince 2019


Besides the previous works, every so often there are these creative endeavours that don't fit any of the given categories.

  • Kinderhaus Tausendfuß - advisors board member overview2017
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - graduation shirt2015
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - graduation paper2015
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - offical graduation artwork2015
  • Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium - official planner artwork2014